Will Anchor Brewing Really Shut Down?

Yes, folks, Anchor Brewing, America’s oldest craft brewery, has announced that it will be shutting down after 127 years in business. What’s happening? Why it’s happening? And what does it means for the world of craft beer? At this moment, the brewing has stopped brewing altogether and is effectively shut down. A few weeks back,Continue reading “Will Anchor Brewing Really Shut Down?”

A guide to winter craft beers

It’s no secret that many of us enjoy a cold beer in the summertime, but what about in the winter? January can be a great time to relax and enjoy a brewsky, especially since colder weather often brings long nights and bitterly cold temperatures. Hops used in many beers act as natural anesthetics that can numb us to danger signals and make it more difficult to stay safe when out in the elements. Still, a light beer enjoyed responsibly beneath the stars on a clear winter night could be just what we need for a perfect winter evening. So grab your favorite brewski and join us as we explore the history of beer throughout January! Cheers!

Craft beer trends you need to know

The craze for quality microbrewery beers continues to grow. What are the big craft beer trends for 2023 and what are they driven by? More Pale Ale, less India Pale Ale Gone are the days of intense and bitter American IPAs – today’s connoisseurs seek out more subtle, nuanced experiences with their beer. Low-alcohol brewsContinue reading “Craft beer trends you need to know”