How Much is a Case of Beer in Ontario?

Average price of beer case Ontario

The cost of beer in Canada, including Ontario, has been steadily increasing, outpacing previous years’ trends, as reported by the Consumer Price Index data from Statistics Canada. While a planned tax hike on alcohol drew criticism from large brewers and restaurant associations, it’s not the sole factor contributing to the surge in beer prices. The “Beer Professor,” Neil Reid, highlights that various components of beer production, such as cans, bottles, malted barley, and hops, have all experienced price hikes. Moreover, shortages of key materials like aluminum for canning and carbon dioxide for carbonation have impacted availability and further driven up prices. Although beer prices had remained stable during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, recent months have seen a significant inflation rate, reaching as high as seven per cent at times. This article examines the current state of beer prices in Ontario and the factors influencing the rising costs for consumers.

Average Case Price in Ontario

In Ontario, the cost of a case of 24 bottle of Molson Canadian beer costs $45.50 as of July 2023. The average cost in the rest of Canada is $40 to $47. The Cool Beer Brewing Company produces one of the most affordable beers in the province, at just about 42$ for a case of 24 cans.

It’s worth noting that alcohol is subject to both federal and provincial minimum taxes and prices. Let’s look at some of the top sellers in the province for a case of 24.

  1. Budweiser: $36 to $45.
  2. Molson Canadian: $38 and $47.
  3. Labatt Blue: $40 to $50.
  4. Coors Light: $35 to $43.
  5. Guinness: $48 to $58.

What are the cheapest beers at the Beer Store?

Every month or so, the Beer Store publishes a full listing of prices per article, including per beer pack. Looking at the late July listing, it looks like the cheapest case of 24 is neither Budweiser or Molson. Amazingly, the most affordable beers are not always what you would expect.

Here is a list handcrafted for you:

  1. Modelo especial: 33$ for a case of 24 cans
  2. Tomorrow Canadian Ale: 33$ for a case of 24 cans
  3. Pivovar Nova Paka: 32$ for a case of 24 cans
  4. Waterloo IPA: 31$ for a case of 24 cans
  5. Erdinger Weisbreau: 31$ for a case of 24 cans
  6. Corona: 28$ for a case of 24 bottles
  7. Sleeman Breweries: 27$ for a case of 24 cans
  8. Budweizer zero: 24$ for a case of 24 cans/bottles

Average price changes in past 5 years

Source: Statistics Canada and CBS news

Average Case Price in Canada

TypeSizeAvg Price
6pk – 12oz Cans12 ounces (355ml)$8.50
12pk – 12oz Cans12 ounces (355ml)$13.50
Corona Extra6pk – 12oz Bottle$8
12pk – 12oz Bottle12 ounces (355ml)$13.50
Statistics Canada

Average Case Price for 24 Can of Budweiser (2023)

ProvinceCost (CAD)Product
Manitoba$40.3124 Can of Budweiser
Ontario$45.9524 Can of Budweiser
New Brunswick$42.6524 Can of Budweiser
Nova Scotia$43.9524 Can of Budweiser
Statistics Canada

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