A guide to winter craft beers

By Pierre-Olivier Bussières

With winter comes long nights and bitterly cold temperatures, but an icy cold beer can be a great way to break the endless boredom. However, it’s important to be wary of the potential dangers of drinking too much alcohol in colder weather. Hops used in many beers act as natural anesthetics that can numb us to danger signals and make it more difficult to stay safe when out in the elements. Still, a light beer enjoyed responsibly beneath the stars on a clear winter night could be just what we need for a perfect winter evening.

January is often a time for recovery after the holiday festivities of December, where many of us enjoy gathering with family and friends and exchanging extravagant or thoughtful gifts. Beer drinking can easily fit into January’s relaxing atmosphere. Low-alcohol or alcohol-free beer can be perfect for continuing the joy of celebrating without exacerbating any subsequent January health woes. And while it may differ from person to person, January beer drinking can still be done responsibly, maintaining one’s energy levels to keep tackling the rest of January.

Alcohol-free beer is becoming increasingly popular and there are many benefits that consumers can take advantage of. For those who abstain from alcohol – such as pregnant and nursing mothers or those who need to remain alcohol-free for health reasons – alcohol-free beer allows them to enjoy some of the taste and flavour of regular beer without the alcohol. Additionally, alcohol-free beer has beneficial properties that make it an ideal beverage choice. It’s low in calories while at the same time being rich in nutrients, such as antioxidants and trace minerals. Moreover, alcohol-free beer is a great option for those looking to monitor their alcohol intake or support their physical activity -so whether you’re a serious athlete or just casually playing sports for fun, alcohol-free beer can help support your lifestyle activities. Finding alcohol-free beers is easier than ever before with many store shelves offering dedicated sections for alcohol free drinks, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

February can be a tough month for beer lovers, as the cold and wind often makes it difficult to enjoy an outdoor pint. However there are still some great options for February brews. For those wanting to defy their February blues, a light wheat beer is the ideal go-to choice. Its citrus notes bring life and warmth to the winter months, while its smooth and refreshing taste will offer solace in times of February despair. For the ultimate February satisfaction, try a classic stout. One could opt for a traditional dark or chocolate stout flavor, depending on personal preference. The richness and creaminess of this choice is guaranteed to create February happiness, lifting spirits in no time with its unique combination of chocolatey aromas and full-bodied texture.

As we move closer and closer to Summer, beer trends are starting to evolve. March is the perfect time to start exploring some of those new beer options! I’d recommend going with a strong ale or a pastry stout if you are looking for something hearty and unique. I’m also a big fan of light beer, so don’t forget about those delicious lawnmower beers on your beer list either! Overall, don’t be afraid to mix it up as we transcend into warmer months – there’s still time to enjoy whatever beer style you like!

Winter can be a tough time for beer lovers, but there are still plenty of options to enjoy. Alcohol-free beer is a great choice for those looking to take it easy in January, while light wheat beers are perfect for defy the February blues. For more tips on key trends in craftbeer, be sure to check out our blog. Thanks for reading!

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