From alewife to witch : a history of myths

For context’s sake, the beer of the time was a flavored beer that couldn’t be preserved, as it was often low in alcohol and lacked effective preservatives such as hops. It was called ale in English and cervoise in French, from the imperial Latin cereviesa, itself a borrowing from the Gallic cereuesa. As ingredients are…

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What is the “encens road” ?

Resins have played an important role in human history, particularly in antiquity. In this article, we’ll explore the role of three specific resins: myrrh, frankincense and terebinth, focusing on their medicinal, economic and religious roles.

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What is pulque, the sacred drink of the Aztecs ?

One of the most popular pulque legends tells the story of Mayahuel, a young girl who lived with her grandmother in Mexico. The god Quetzalcoatl fell in love with her, and they were eventually transformed into the branches of a forked tree. Mayahuel’s grandmother, furious, broke off her granddaughter’s branch and left it there to…

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