Alexander the Great and the Worst Party in History

Alexander the Great is one of the greatest names in history. He fascinates historians and inspires leaders. Visionary, modern, magnificent, fearless and courageous, Alexander is often considered a model of military and political strategy. Less talked about, however, is Alexander the Great’s love of banquets, parties and good wine. Macedonia: no place for water drinkersContinue reading “Alexander the Great and the Worst Party in History”

5 Beer brands owned by famous actors

Discover how famous actors have ventured into the beer industry with their own unique beer brand. Ryan Reynolds, balancing his film career, launched football-themed lagers that gained rapid popularity, demonstrating the potential of celebrity beer brands when executed passionately. Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson introduces Trooper Red ‘N’ Black Porter, capturing the essence of heavy metal and attracting a dedicated craft beer following, showcasing the synergy between music and brewing. Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney, creators of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” bring humor to the beer industry, striking a balance between comedy and quality with their sitcom-inspired beer. Former President Barack Obama’s White House Honey Ale symbolizes sustainability and transparency, sparking national interest and conversations on crucial issues. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston’s Schraderbräu becomes a collector’s item, enhancing the show’s legacy and captivating fans. Explore how these famous actors have creatively ventured into the beer brand industry.

Bacchus: God of Psychedelics?

Bacchus is not merely a god associated with intoxication; rather, he represents the embodiment of the psychoactive potential found in medicinal plants, which were used both recreationally and religiously by the ancient Greeks. This thought-provoking thesis has been championed by American researcher Carl A.P. Ruck, a renowned specialist in Dionysian studies whose unconventional views clashedContinue reading “Bacchus: God of Psychedelics?”

Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour

Going to Halifax? Beer and history geek? Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour is for you! One of Canada’s oldest and most iconic breweries, the Alexander Keith’s museum has rich history dating back to the early 19th century. Keith was not simply a brewer: three times mayor of Halifax, founder and president of a prominent local bank, head of half a dozen board of directors, Keith rose to become a dominant figure in Eastern Canada. When Alexander Keith died, the Funeral were on the frontale of nearly all Canadian newspaper. The procession, un Halifax, was so large that It took ten minutes at any point point for everybody to get through. I went to the original Keiths Brewery, now a museum, to learn more.

Travel to Halifax : Top Five activities for craft beer lovers

Travel to Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, Canada, and explore its glorious craft breweries! Halifax is a place where the rich maritime heritage intertwines beautifully with a thriving craft beer culture. As you stroll through the charming streets of this coastal city, you’ll find that the love for beer runs deep in its veins, influenced by a naval legacy and the significant impact of the iconic Keith Brewery.

Pilsner is Back in Vogue – Here’s Why

More and more brewers understand how to make great pilsners now compared to years past when they were relegated to second-tier status on draft lines behind pale ales, stouts, and IPAs. This understanding means that there are now plenty of great pilsners available on draft all over the country, meaning craft drinkers don’t have to settle for subpar options anymore when looking for something lighter than an IPA but still full of flavor and complexity like a good pilsner offers.