Pontoon Brewing – History & Review

Located in Sandy Springs and Tucker, Georgia, Pontoon Brewing has become a beacon for crafting awesomely scrumptious beer for the “Pontoon Lifestyle.” Founded in 2013 by longtime pals and home brewers Mike Allison and Mark Smith, Pontoon Brewing embodies the idea that every beer, like every person, has a unique story. In 2023, Pontoon Brewing was in the top 10 of the U.S. Open Beer Championships.

How Much is a Case of Beer in Ontario?

The cost of beer in Canada, including Ontario, has been steadily increasing, outpacing previous years’ trends, as reported by the Consumer Price Index data from Statistics Canada. While a planned tax hike on alcohol drew criticism from large brewers and restaurant associations, it’s not the sole factor contributing to the surge in beer prices. TheContinue reading “How Much is a Case of Beer in Ontario?”

Pilsner is Back in Vogue – Here’s Why

More and more brewers understand how to make great pilsners now compared to years past when they were relegated to second-tier status on draft lines behind pale ales, stouts, and IPAs. This understanding means that there are now plenty of great pilsners available on draft all over the country, meaning craft drinkers don’t have to settle for subpar options anymore when looking for something lighter than an IPA but still full of flavor and complexity like a good pilsner offers.

Ale and Lager : What is the difference?

The origin of the word lager comes from the German verb lagern, meaning to store. Of course, it refers to bottom-fermented beers, which require a longer storage period due to fermentation. In short, while the word lager is indeed the origin of a category of beer, the word ale is more of a paradox, since theoretically it’s a synonym for beer in the same way as the word cervoise.

The Myth of Mexican Vienna Lager: history geopolitics, and revolution

This a well-known story. Emperor Maximilian I, an Austrian noble brought to Mexico by the French, is said to have introduced Vienna Lager to Mexico so that he could enjoy his native beer in his new homeland. He supposedly ordered the construction of a brewery to produce Viennese beers. The brewery was built in Orizaba, Veracruz, and was known as “La Constancia.” This is how Vienna Lager quickly gained popularity throughout Mexico, explaining the current popularity of this beer style.

How to use brettanomyces

What sets Brettanomyces apart from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the traditional beer yeast? First and foremost, it’s their ability to digest sugars. The presence of certain enzymes (alpha-glucosidase) allows Brettanomyces to break down more complex sugars than traditional yeast. This means that Brettanomyces can digest very complex sugars that traditional yeast cannot. Thanks to their voracity, beers fermented with wild yeasts can reach a final gravity close to 1.000, or even below. In contrast, the final gravity of a beer fermented with traditional yeast rarely drops below 1.005.

The Art of Fermentation: Spontaneous vs. Cultivated Yeasts

Brettanomyces, saccharomyces bayanus, saccharomyces cerevisiae, bruxellensis, claussenii, lactobacilli… Does that ring a bell? With this lexical field of wild yeasts, we explore a whole world of beer wort fermentation. Are you interested in learning a little more about the subject? Let’s go on an adventure together! How does yeast work? What are the types ofContinue reading “The Art of Fermentation: Spontaneous vs. Cultivated Yeasts”

5 tips for brewing beer with wild yeast

Jocelyn Bernier-Lachance is an experienced amateur brewer with around ten years of experience. He is also a trained microbiologist who has previously worked for the company Lallemand, the artisanal brewery Gallicus, as well as La Chope à Malt/Beer Grains. Today, he wants to share his experience with you to spread his passion for microorganisms andContinue reading “5 tips for brewing beer with wild yeast”