Travel to Halifax : Top Five activities for craft beer lovers

Travel to Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, Canada, and explore its glorious craft breweries! Halifax is a place where the rich maritime heritage intertwines beautifully with a thriving craft beer culture. As you stroll through the charming streets of this coastal city, you’ll find that the love for beer runs deep in its veins, influenced by a naval legacy and the significant impact of the iconic Keith Brewery.

Mondial de la Bière 2023

Created 29 years ago, this event is now the largest international beer festival in North America. Founder Jeannine Marois is a dynamic and creative woman. In 1994, while running her own communications agency, she and two of her clients came up with the brilliant idea of bringing together brewers and beer lovers in a festive, unifying atmosphere.

Bières et Saveurs à Chambly: A festival combining history, beer and local gastronomy

The Festival Bières et Saveurs de Chambly is a must-attend event for anyone interested in learning more about beer, local gastronomy and the region’s fascinating history. And the organization will be celebrating its twentieth anniversary, so don’t miss this unique opportunity for a memorable experience!

Pilsner is Back in Vogue – Here’s Why

More and more brewers understand how to make great pilsners now compared to years past when they were relegated to second-tier status on draft lines behind pale ales, stouts, and IPAs. This understanding means that there are now plenty of great pilsners available on draft all over the country, meaning craft drinkers don’t have to settle for subpar options anymore when looking for something lighter than an IPA but still full of flavor and complexity like a good pilsner offers.

What is pulque, the sacred drink of the Aztecs ?

One of the most popular pulque legends tells the story of Mayahuel, a young girl who lived with her grandmother in Mexico. The god Quetzalcoatl fell in love with her, and they were eventually transformed into the branches of a forked tree. Mayahuel’s grandmother, furious, broke off her granddaughter’s branch and left it there to be devoured. Quetzalcoatl’s branch having remained intact, the loving god took the remains of his young lover and buried them. Thus was born the maguey plant and Mayahuel became a goddess. According to other legends, the princess was saved by Mayahuel. In all cases, divine intervention, salvation and taboo.

Belgium’s Beer Culture: A Fascinating Look into Lambic and the Tour de Geuze

by Jose Carlos Favaro Junior Belgium has played a pivotal role in the history of beer, and its brewing traditions date back centuries. In fact, it is estimated that Belgium has the highest number of breweries per capita in the world, with around 1,500 breweries for a population of just 11.5 million people. Belgian beerContinue reading “Belgium’s Beer Culture: A Fascinating Look into Lambic and the Tour de Geuze”