A Santa Stout for Santa Claus!

Santa Stout 5e Baron

As a special treat for Saint Nick, 5e Baron have brewed him his own stout with all the festive goodies, including coconut, cinnamon and roasted cacao nibs. Coming in at 9% though, I hope Rudolph is a good pilot as Father Christmas is gonna be more ruddy-faced than usual! 🎅 🥥 🍫

As for the beer, it’s a festive treat on the nose with the perfect sprinkle of cinnamon adding some holiday vibes without overdoing it. Meanwhile the coconut gives some rich nutty undertones which blend well with the dark cacao without going full Bounty bar.

Santa Stout Beer Review

It’s more about the chocolate and coconut on the sip, though some notes of coffee and vanilla sweetness also come through. It’s smooth and slick throughout going down easy for its ABV with some dark roasted notes in the finish that compliment the cacao well, bringing a little bit of bitterness that perfectly balances things. Indeed, this is one of the most subtle pastry stouts I’ve had and I appreciate that. Just enough of a touch of Christmas without leaving me feeling like I’ve overeaten! 👌🏻

More on 5e Baron

5e Baron is a must stop if you ever find yourself in scenic old Aylmer, Gatineau. A stone’s throw away from Ottawa, the craft brewery is conveniently located on Aylmer’s old main road, leading right to the marina. The craft brewery was founded in 2020 and quickly rose to be one of Quebec’s top craft breweries, thanks to its unrelenting rigor and experimentation. The craft brewery is perhaps best known for its epic Mixtape IPA and its highly crushable Citadin pilsner.

Originally from England, Mike Davis came to Quebec ten years ago to study history. During this time he fell in love with the microbreweries of Quebec, which reminded him of English pubs. Now, he holds a Ph.D in History from McGill University, but works in the beer world as the Brand Ambassador for Microbrasserie 4 Origines.

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