Nano Lager Beer Review

Nano Lager Beer Review

Known for their range of eccentric lagers, @brasseriemaltstrom have added their lowest alcohol beer yet, a Nano Lager. It’s hopped with Strisselspalt and Tettnanger but comes in at just 7° Plato (or 2.7% ABV in the common tongue!) 😮

The beauty of this beer being crafted by some of Quebec’s best lager brewers means that it’s almost entirely impossible to tell it’s a Nano or even a light lager. It delivers all the floral, grassy and slightly spicey hop aromas you’d expect on top of rich notes of crusty bread and fresh hay worthy of a more full bodied brew.

It’s also impressively smooth and round on the sip thanks to a meringue-like mousse that appears when it pours and lingers through to the last sip. However, it’s also crisp and refreshing throughout, staying light but bringing ample body and rustic, artisanal character that makes it easily a superior choice for a cheeky midweek pint without any of the guilt. 👌🏻 😋 🍺

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Originally from England, Mike Davis came to Quebec ten years ago to study history. During this time he fell in love with the microbreweries of Quebec, which reminded him of English pubs. Now, he holds a Ph.D in History from McGill University, but works in the beer world as the Brand Ambassador for Microbrasserie 4 Origines.

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