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In the heart of the stunning Squamish region in British Columbia, a hidden gem awaits all beer aficionados – Backcountry Brewing. With an unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional brews, Backcountry Brewing has carved a niche for itself in the ever-expanding world of craft breweries. 

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of Backcountry Brewing, revealing everything you need to know about this captivating establishment.

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Backcountry Brewing, Squamish, BC
Backcountry Brewing is located in the scenic city of Squamish, in British Columbia

A Cozy Place for Beer Lovers in Beautiful Nature

Located in the stunning scenery of Squamish, Backcountry Brewing shows how nature and brewing skills can work together. It’s surrounded by lush forests and amazing mountains, making it more than just a regular brewery. When you enter their friendly taproom, you feel a warm atmosphere that prepares you for an amazing adventure in the world of craft beer.

Backcountry Brewing excels at what they do, their expert brewers put tons of creativity and fresh ideas into every batch of beer they make. They whip up all sorts of brews, from the classics to super daring experiments. Whether you’re all about bold and bitter IPAs or you lean towards rich and full-flavored stouts, Backcountry Brewing has a drink that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Embrace the rustic allure of Backcountry Brewing, where the spirit of the great outdoors thrives in a cozy 50-seat tasting room, evoking the charm of a vintage ski cabin from the 1970s. After your adventurous exploits, unwind and plan your next journey on the map-top tables, all while indulging in the post-adventure Aprés at Backcountry Brewing.

Savor the diversity of their 12-tap tower, which offers a constantly rotating selection of new seasonal beers each week, catering to every taste bud. Not just limited to beer, Backcountry Brewing boasts an impressive array of options, including cider, wine, bubbles, spirits, and various non-alcoholic beverages to cater to all preferences.

Accompanying the delightful beverages is an ever-changing food menu, showcasing mouthwatering hand-tossed, thin-crust pizzas, seasonal salads, and delectable snacks. The talented kitchen team takes pride in crafting everything from scratch, ensuring an exciting and innovative dining experience.

Whether you choose to dine-in or grab take-out pizza, you can also explore their offerings of off-sales, retail items, kegs, and fresh growler fills. Embrace the backcountry vibe, create memorable moments, and enjoy the finest brews and flavors during your travels at Backcountry Brewing.

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Your Path to Backcountry Brewing Bliss

Backcountry Brewing isn’t just about fantastic beer – it’s a lively center of community and friendship. Their taproom is like a friendly hangout where locals and visitors gather to share stories, laughs, and, of course, amazing drinks. They also throw cool events, like beer tastings and live music nights, that bring people together and create a happy, connected vibe. It’s a place to celebrate, connect, and make awesome memories.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to Backcountry Brewing? Here’s how to make the most of your visit:

1. Plan Your Trip

Check out Backcountry Brewing’s website for their opening hours and any special events. By planning ahead, you won’t miss out on their newest releases or exciting gatherings.

2. Discover the Taproom

Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance of the taproom. Engage with a knowledgeable staff who are always eager to guide you through their beer selection, helping you discover your new favorite brew.

3. Taste Test with Flights

Can’t decide which beer to try? Opt for a flight! Taste a curated assortment of their offerings, letting you enjoy a range of flavors in one delightful experience.

According to Untapped: here are your five best choices:

  1. Backcountry Black IPA (7.9% ABV, 65 IBU) – (Rating: 3.7/5) Style: IPA – Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Starting off our list is the Backcountry Black IPA, a robust and flavorful beer brewed by Deep River Brewing Company. This beer stands out with its dark appearance and a bold mix of hop bitterness and roasted malt flavors. The 7.9% ABV gives it a nice kick, while the 65 IBU ensures a balanced bitterness. Fans of both IPAs and stouts will find delight in this unique fusion.

  1. Widowmaker (6.7% ABV, 50 IBU) – (Rating: 3.9/5) Style: IPA – New England / Hazy

Next up is the highly acclaimed Widowmaker from Backcountry Brewing itself. This New England-style IPA pours hazy and boasts a juicy, tropical fruit flavor profile. With a moderate 6.7% ABV and 50 IBU, it offers a smooth and refreshing drinking experience. If you’re a fan of hazy IPAs and want to explore the tropical side of craft beer, the Widowmaker is a must-try.

  1. Back Country (6.4% ABV, 17 IBU) – (Rating: 3.7/5) Style: Scottish Ale

Switching gears, we have the Back Country from Lewis & Clark Brewing Company. This Scottish Ale brings a touch of tradition and malt-forward goodness to the list. With its moderate 6.4% ABV and 17 IBU, it presents a smooth and balanced drinking experience. If you’re looking for a break from hop-forward beers, the Back Country is a comforting choice.

  1. Trailbreaker Pale Ale (5% ABV, 35 IBU) – (Rating: 3.8/5) Style: Pale Ale – American

For those seeking a sessionable and hoppy beer, the Trailbreaker Pale Ale from Backcountry Brewing is a top recommendation. With its American Pale Ale style, it delivers a light-bodied, crisp, and citrusy experience. At 5% ABV and 35 IBU, it’s a great option for a relaxing afternoon with friends.

  1. Dead of Night Galaxy IPA (6.6% ABV, 25 IBU) – (Rating: 3.9/5) Style: IPA – New England / Hazy

Rounding out our list is another gem from Backcountry Brewing, the Dead of Night Galaxy IPA. This hazy delight boasts a 6.6% ABV and 25 IBU, making it approachable for a variety of beer lovers. Packed with Galaxy hops, it bursts with tropical and citrus flavors, making it a favorite among hazy IPA enthusiasts.

4. Pair with Deliciousness

Elevate your tasting adventure by enjoying the delicious food options available in the taproom. From hearty burgers to gourmet salads, these culinary delights are designed to perfectly complement their diverse beer lineup.

5. Take a Piece of Backcountry Home

Before you leave, make sure to check out their merchandise corner. You can grab branded items to remember your Backcountry Brewing experience. Whether it’s a stylish glass, a comfy hoodie, or a fun sticker, these mementos will keep your Backcountry Brewing memories alive.

Embrace the Backcountry Brewing Story

The impact of Backcountry Brewing goes beyond their amazing brews; it’s a living proof of how passion, creativity, and community can come together. No matter if you’re a beer expert or new to the scene, a trip to Backcountry Brewing guarantees an immersive adventure that excites the senses and fills the heart with warmth. So, get ready to explore Squamish and open the door to a world where craft beer flows as freely as the natural beauty that surrounds it at Backcountry Brewing

Summing It Up

To sum it all up, Backcountry Brewing stands as a beacon of expert skill, showcasing how nature and human creativity can come together seamlessly. Whether you’re exploring their wide variety of beers or soaking in the lively atmosphere of their taproom, every aspect of Backcountry Brewing reflects their strong commitment to the craft of brewing. So, make a plan to visit, relish the diverse flavors, and become part of a community where beer and camaraderie blend beautifully.

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