Le Temps d’une Bière

  • EPS #1🍺🍻 Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch

    EPS #1🍺🍻 Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch

    For this episode of Hoppy History, I am joined by Ryan Stackhouse. Ryan holds a PhD in European History from Florida State University and he specializes in everyday life under the Third Reich. You may be interested in his latest book, Enemies of the People: Hitler’s Critics and the Gestapo. As Ryan tells us the story of the infamous failed coup, get ready for a massive amount of confusion and a whole lot of messiness. And while we are at it, let’s remember this strange episode in the life of Munich is one of the first chapters of one the darkest periods in modern history.

  • Six Steps to Brew

    Six Steps to Brew

    On top of the ever-growing home brewing community, we also have access to a massive amount of information online and numerous published books on homebrewing. There’s so much information that sometimes it can seem overwhelming for brewers. This is why I condensed all the resources into an easy to follow, six-step process: 

  • Six étapes pour brasser

    Six étapes pour brasser

    En plus de la communauté croissante de brasseurs amateurs, il existe une énorme quantité d’informations en ligne ainsi que de nombreux livres consacrés au brassage. L’abondance d’informations est telle qu’elle peut parfois sembler intimidante ou décourageante. Cet article vise donc à condenser toutes ces ressources en un processus facile à suivre de six étapes.