Is beer good for your health?

For as long as it has existed, beer has been associated with health, not least because it was first and foremost a food. Made from water and grain, it is a good source of vitamins and nutrients. Since it was first and foremost a food, a large number of ingredients were added to it, including herbs, with the aim of alleviating certain illnesses and even mitigating, if not preventing, death. It was therefore used to make decoctions of varying degrees of whimsicality and healing power.

The Mysterious History of Alcohol in Ancient China

Explore the early history of alcohol in China and discover the legends and myths that surround its origins. From the Neolithic period to the Han Dynasty, learn about the different types of fermented beverages that were consumed and the significance of alcohol in Chinese society. Despite its deep roots in Chinese culture, alcohol also had a darker side as excessive drinking was seen as a problem throughout Chinese history.

Christmas beer: between history, marketing, and spices

By Nathalie Coursin Ah, it’s finally here, this month of December that brings with it the official beginning of winter, but also the comforting time of the Holidays. What if this time, we took the opportunity to discover and brew a Christmas beer? A bit of history… Before sharing the recipe, let’s go back inContinue reading “Christmas beer: between history, marketing, and spices”