Le Temps d’une Bière

Recipes From Beegrains


The Picanoc river is a sinuous river in the Gatineau Valley. This beer reflects this little river. An american brown ale that will have your taste buds whiling around just like the Picanoc.

This brown ale will rich caramel and biscuit flavour with some malt and bread notes. The hops bring a floral bouquet to the finish beer.

Honey Kölsch

This beer can be fermented as an ale or a lager. It contains honey which gives it fruity and floral aromas. If fermented as an ale, you will have a fruitier beer than a lager. Both fermentation styles are great with this beer. Make sure you use the right temperature for your yeast.

Great Scot!

A Great Scottish ale to worm you up on those cold fall evenings. Although, this wonderfully crafted scotch ale can be enjoyed at any time during the year. This ale is rich with sweet malty flavours, with caramel, toffee and fruit flavours.