Why a podcast on the History of beer? Because what can be more telling than a tradition that has brewed since the dawn of civilization? Alcohol is both at the center and at the extremes of the human experience. Throughout history, alcohol has been food, drink, ecstasy, currency, comfort, political capital, and ritual offering. There were times when getting hammered made you God, and times when grabbing a bad batch gave you terminal diarrhea. Love it or hate it, beer is all around.

Our relationship with it is as complex as our relationship with each other. Whereas clans of ancient times bonded together through extreme binge drinking competitions, tribes of the digital world still routinely have one pint too many and get into all sorts of trouble. In this podcast, we use beer as a staging ground to explore the extremes of the human experience in an attempt to better understand what we collectively think and feel. Grab a pint and chillax, we are here to make your day hoppier.

Did beer cause the emergence of agriculture?

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Prohibition in Canada

A Craft Beer History of Ontario

A History of Psychedelics and Beers