Derby Kentucky Common Beer Review

Named for the famous Kentucky Derby, this beer from Gallicus resurrects a style popularised in Louiseville, Kentucky in the mid-nineteenth century. Like the (perhaps more famous) California Common, this type of beer was conceived in response to the absence of affordable refrigeration at the time. Some Kentucky History It was therefore essentially a dark American Cream Ale,Continue reading “Derby Kentucky Common Beer Review”

Albion : The Great British Drink Off 

Established in 2010 in Joliette, Brasserie Albion have quietly been brewing some of the province’s best British-style beers. Indeed, their name refers to the poetic name for England, thought to be derived from the Greek for “white”— most likely a reference to the famous White Cliffs of Dover. 🇬🇧 🍺 Recently Albion expanded into new brewingContinue reading “Albion : The Great British Drink Off “

Frère Thomas Trappist Beer by 5e Baron

Frère Thomas, Frère Thomas, Buvez vous? Buvez vous?, Prenez une autre Tripel. Prenez une autre Tripel, De 5e Baron. De 5e Baron 🎵 The origins of trappist beers The world of Trappist brewing is not one known for chasing trends and fads. It is rather a slow moving, traditionalist segment of craft beer that looksContinue reading “Frère Thomas Trappist Beer by 5e Baron”

Vienna Lager : a throw back to Anton Dreher

In 1841, a man named Anton Dreher changed Austrian (and global) beer history with his new beer, the “Klein-Schwechater Lagerbier.” It was a huge hit and quickly took off, taking the name of the city it was brewed in— Vienna. ⛪️ Who was Anton Dreher? But why was it so revolutionary? Well up until 1841,Continue reading “Vienna Lager : a throw back to Anton Dreher”

Beer Review: What is Old Ale?

What if I told you that old ale is not necessarily stale ale? Like many things in life, Old Ale started off as a relatively negative term but has turned into something far more positive with time. Originally, Old Ales were fresh “young” beers that had not sold and were therefore aged slowly in barrelsContinue reading “Beer Review: What is Old Ale?”

A Santa Stout for Santa Claus!

As a special treat for Saint Nick, 5e Baron have brewed him his own stout with all the festive goodies, including coconut, cinnamon and roasted cacao nibs. Coming in at 9% though, I hope Rudolph is a good pilot as Father Christmas is gonna be more ruddy-faced than usual! 🎅 🥥 🍫 As for the beer,Continue reading “A Santa Stout for Santa Claus!”

La Landbier de Brasserie Mellon : revue 🤔

“Mon Pays, C’est Landbier” from Brasserie Mellon is one such example. While it borrows from German terminology, it is distinctly a “Bière de terroir” that celebrates local ingredients, especially Quebec malts and hops. Throughout, it’s the former that really shines, with notes of lightly caramelized crusty bread on the nose, backed by a delicate grassy touch from the hops. It’s lovely and clean on the palate, going down smoothly with a characterful roundness coming from the malts. 🥖 🌱 😋

1760 of La Chope Angus : beer review

1760 was a pivotal year in Canadian history. After Montcalm’s defeat at the Plains of Abraham a year earlier, his replacement the Chevalier de Lévis attempted to retake the city in the Spring. While he won a bloody battle against the English at Sainte-Foy, he was unable to capitalise on his victory and retake theContinue reading “1760 of La Chope Angus : beer review”

Roman wasn’t assembled in a day…

Roman is a collaborative blend of beers brewed by both Brasserie Herman and Robin Biere Naturelle. It blends one of my favourite beers of all time, the famous Grisette d’Épeautre from Robin— which this time was hopped with Triple Perle and Triumph and refined in barrels with Robin’s house yeast— with a clean-fermented Pale AleContinue reading “Roman wasn’t assembled in a day…”