60 Days Later…

Lagerbrau 60 Days Later beer review

Lager lovers across the province rejoice as Bier Lagerbrau have brought traditional Czech lagering to Quebec! This Světlý Ležák was lagered for 60 days in oak barrels specially prepared for lagering by @tonnelleriemoreau. Following the heritage of the Czech masters in Pilsen, this included lining many of the barrels with pitch for extra authenticity. 🪵 🍺

The resulting beer is more than adequate. It opens with fresh crisp cereals, notes of hay, and those grassy aromas distinct to Czech noble hops. In the background there’s also a hint of honey sweetness and some subtle wood comes through alongside the characteristic sulphuric undertones.

It’s all about the smooth malts on the sip with delicious bready flavours underscored by touches of fruit and a mineralogy which really adds some extra complexity to the brew that sets it apart from the lagers we’re used to. In the finish there’s also a touch of wood tannins that dries things further and adds to the overall crispness. If you consider yourself a lager fan, you have to get your hands on this one! 🍞 🌾 😋

Originally from England, Mike Davis came to Quebec ten years ago to study history. During this time he fell in love with the microbreweries of Quebec, which reminded him of English pubs. Now, he holds a Ph.D in History from McGill University, but works in the beer world as the Brand Ambassador for Microbrasserie 4 Origines.

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