Episode 9: Brewing the Industrial Revolution 🍺🍻

🍺 🍻 Equipped with a pint of dark, malty ale, POB and Professor Malcolm Purinton examine the intersection of the English Industrial Revolution and brewing. The guest of honor on this podcast is the Porter: a dark, heavily hopped beer, that fed and sustained the working class throughout the 19th century. We will see how taxation, urbanization, and exportation contributed to making Porter the beer king of the day. Strangely enough, the same raw ingredients will also cause its slow decline, surpassed by the fresher British pale ales and the emerging Pils…

Dr. Malcolm Purinton currently teaches History at Northeastern University in Boston, where he earned his Ph.D. studying the history of the Pilsner through the lenses of empire, trade, and migration. He has been the Boston columnist for the northeast regional beer periodical, Yankee Brew News for several years while at the same time attending international academic conferences on the history of beer around the world for over a decade. In his free time, he also brews his own beer at home, as he has done for over twenty years.

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